TV Commercial


There's one aspect that defines us beyond the projects we create.

Our team’s unwavering passion. Contact us today to get started with your Television Commercials in Birmingham and experience the passion! Diamond’s bread and butter has always been TV commercial production. We’ve mastered the art of getting a client’s message across in as little as 10 to 30 seconds, and do so in entertaining and engaging ways. You’ll see below, we’ve produced a wide range of commercials (over 21,000) in a variety of themes, styles, and subject matters.

Diamond Studios:

Four Decades of Unparalleled TV Commercial Expertise
Steeped in 41 years of tradition, Diamond Studios stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of TV commercial production. We're not just about numbers, even though we've produced thousands of commercials. At the heart of our operation lies an undying passion to tell captivating stories that resonate.

A Portfolio As Rich As Your Imagination

Our journey has taken us through the realms of banking, healthcare, law, flooring, and beyond. This vast experience translates to an uncanny ability to dive deep into different sectors, extracting and reflecting the unique essence of each. Every project we undertake becomes a testament to our dedication to quality and understanding.

Your Vision, Our Canvas

Whether you’re seeking the simplicity and clarity of a well-narrated commercial with impactful stock footage and graphics or dreaming of a lavish, film-style extravaganza, Diamond Studios is your ultimate destination. Our expertise encompasses the spectrum of commercial production, ensuring that your vision, no matter how grand or intricate, is brought to life with finesse.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach:

  • Handpicking the ideal talent tailored to your message.
  • Scouting locations that perfectly frame your story.
  • Orchestrating shoots with meticulous precision.

Though our crews are based in Birmingham, their prowess takes them across the southeast, ensuring your commercial is captured against the perfect backdrop. Post-production, a crucial phase, is handled with adept precision at our technologically advanced studios in Birmingham, equipped with sophisticated online approval and modification software.

In the age of digital omnipresence, we recognize that a commercial’s life doesn’t end on the TV screen. To that end, every commercial we craft is designed with a digital afterlife in mind. They can be seamlessly repurposed into compelling digital media ads, ensuring a broader reach and impactful resonance across multiple platforms.

Excellence doesn’t necessarily come with an exorbitant price tag. With Diamond Studios, you’re guaranteed top-tier quality without burning a hole in your pocket. We operate with a transparent pricing model, offering most commercial projects as comprehensive packages. As long as all details are shared upfront, you’ll never find unexpected additions to your bill.

In a world where quality and affordability often pull in opposite directions, Diamond Studios emerges as the bridge that harmoniously connects the two. We invite you to experience this synergy. Choose Diamond Studios because every story shines brighter under the diamond’s glow.