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Your vision is our canvas, and your dreams are our inspiration.

Welcome to Diamond Studios, where what we do isn’t just a job it’s – a celebration of creativity, a commitment to excellence, and a testament to the love we have for our craft. Let’s embark on a journey of imagination, innovation, and impact – together. Contact us today to get started with your Attorney Television Commercials project!

Are you planning to get a competitive edge in the personal injury law field through top-notch television marketing or social media marketing? We’ve got the right solutions for your firm. You need to run an engaging advertising campaign with the assistance of a proven winning team to grab the attention of the target audience. Diamond Studios knows what it takes to set your law firm apart from your competitors.

Leverage the expertise of Diamond Studios to launch your advertising campaign right away. We are an award-winning video production company founded in 1982.


Impeccable Track Record

We have been in this industry for the last 41 years. Our customer base comprises notable commercial businesses as well as an array of individual clients. You are looking at the prime choice of law firms when it comes to an appealing advertising campaign.

We have collaborated with hundreds of companies and clients by producing over 13,000 TV spots and nearly 1,000 corporate videos for them. We are the “one stop shop” for your firm’s TV commercial advertising. We offer creative script writing, casting, directing, filming, post-production and graphics.


Tailored Approach to Meet Your Needs

We completely understand the fact that every firm has a unique set of requirements and approach. This is where Diamond Studios excels by coming up with the advertisements that fully resonate with the diverse needs of law firms. This may be your first experience with advertising or marketing. Our professionals will provide you with complete guidance. We understand the nuances of working with law firms, so we know client confidentiality, a professional demeanor, and attention to detail are paramount in getting your message out and getting the job done right. Diamond Studios aspires to come up with unique and appealing advertising ideas. Creativity is what drives our detail-oriented video production process. We suggest creating several different campaigns and run them in a high rotation, so you stay on top of viewers’ mind with a crisp look and message. It’s always about you and your firm. Our high-end interactive feedback software keeps the clients involved in our production process. Our aim is to keep every fine detail in accordance with your needs. We understand the need for confidentiality, especially in dealing with internal policies, operating procedures, and the privacy of your clients. All the footage we shoot, and the final edited product is yours to use as you please. You can count on our professionals for your marketing campaign.

Library Comprising 60+ Ad Styles

With over 60 different ad styles, you can pick a style you like and we will create a unique version just for you and your market. You no longer have to worry about the promotion of your law firm if Diamond Studios is by your side. From highly attractive attorney ads to social media marketing campaign management, we offer a complete coverage to our clients.

All the members of our team are well-equipped with the skills to come up with highly creative advertising ideas. After producing nearly 100 ads for 5 markets for our Alabama attorneys, we have come to know what makes the phones ring. We are backed with years of industry experience.

Let’s Make Your Law Firm Talk of the Town!

Get in touch with the award-winning team of Diamond Studios to kick-start your law firm advertising and social marketing campaign today. Our professionals are always ready to discuss all the ins and outs of your requirements.

Our Packages - A Sneak Peek

Our spots are all high-quality and at a cost-effective price. All our ads are always just one price, which includes:
  • Adapting creative to your needs
  • Shooting your lawyer on camera (Birmingham Studios)
  • Professional editing
  • Music and SFX
  • All broadcast files available to send to any TV station

We will only work with one attorney firm per market. We will offer this exclusivity as long as you produce a total of 4 spot/campaigns a year. We can supply a matching billboard or radio spot for a small additional amount.



  • (1) 30 sec TV spot
  • (2) 15 sec TV spots (pulled from the 30)
  • (1) Social media spot (10 seconds)