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Interactive Video

Interactive video is a form of digital video that supports user interaction. Interactive videos provide the viewer the ability to click, on a desktop, or touch on mobile devices within the video for an action to occur. These clickable areas, or “hotspots,” can perform an action when clicked or touched. For example, the video may display additional information, jump to a different part of the video or another video, or may change the storyline.

Types of Interactivity



This interactive feature allows viewers to take control of the video’s narrative by letting them choose between different actions. These are choose-your-own-adventure type videos where viewers get to dictate or control where the video is headed.


Include form fields where viewers can enter their information and be able to download documents, subscribe to your newsletter, set up appointments, and more. Contact forms can be added on the timeframe of the video or at the end of the video.


Embed buttons and multiple-choice questions & answers to actively engage viewers and give them a personalized video viewing experience to test their knowledge or provide them with an assessment.


Allow users to see in all directions in an immersive video environment. Sound, animation, and other interactive elements add to the experience.


Include clickable areas into your video in the form of buttons, links, or product overlays. Many brands utilize hotspots and create clickable buttons with a video. These buttons can either take viewers to a different webpage or have them convert right away. In fact, they can interact with the video and make adequate changes. Other examples are document downloads, buying a product, or linking to another video.


A unique and promising interactive video format; “Switchable video” is a new category and offers a variety of possibilities. Also, see the example of the Honda Civic ‘The New Chapter’ in the previous section. Think of switching between camera positions, perspectives, main characters or product variants. The possibilities are endless. Thanks to VIXY’s interactive video software, switchable videos are also easy to create and even work on mobile devices.

Why you need interactive videos for your video marketing strategy


High Engagement

In today’s overcrowded market, attention is every brand’s most valuable asset. If you’re going to hold people’s attention long enough to buy what you have to offer, you need to keep them engaged. And what better way to do that than to make them interact with your content?

Higher Conversions

An interactive video can hold your audience’s attention to give them the nudge needed to buy what you have to offer. In other words, interactive videos, if done well, keep them busy enough to educate them about their pain points and why your solution is the best way to address them. Furthermore, to drive conversions, you can exactly time interactivity to appear when the user is most likely to click from the video.


More Memorable

Did you know that 80% of users forget branded content after a few days? Well, give them something to remember by serving them great interactive video content! The simple fact is this: Interactive videos are less boring than typical videos. By allowing your viewers to take control of the narrative, they are more likely to be emotionally invested in the experience. Remember, people are more likely to remember content that taps into their emotions.

Better Personalization

Interactive videos, specifically those with branching elements, allow viewers to decide the path they want to take within the content. Because they’re the ones calling the shots, your interactive content pulls its own weight in making the experience much more relevant and personalized, resulting in much higher sales and conversions!

More Trackable

For a long time, marketers have been stumped on how to quantify the effectiveness of their video content and how it impacts ROI. The times where marketers only used to track views is long over. The most difficult part, of course, is how to measure engagement levels. With linear videos, it’s difficult to quantify touchpoints that precede conversions and the time that you only needed to track views is past us. That’s not the case with interactive video. Thanks to the interactive elements or overlays embedded in your videos, you get access to more data points than what you’d usually get from static videos. Every interactive element is tracked, from impressions to clicks and conversions, allowing for more granular tracking video navigation behavior, and giving you a more complete picture of your viewers’ preferences. This, of course, gives you actionable insights about your audience, which can help you provide more relevant and personalized experiences.

How to track the effectiveness of interactive video

As mentioned, the best interactive video provides you with more data points than static video. Having that amount of data is great. The only problem is having that much data can easily distract you from the KPIs that really matter to your long-term video marketing goals.

To keep you on the right track, here are the most important KPIs that will prove more effective in quantifying the effectiveness of your interactive videos.



Just like with linear videos, keeping track of the play rate (the number of plays divided by the number of impressions) is a must when measuring the impact of your interactive video content. Considering that the click-through rate of interactive video is 10x higher than that of a passive video, measuring the play rate can tell you a great deal whether your target audience is interested to engage with interactive content in the first place. It’s a good starting point to have when you want to track your interactive content in terms of the conversion cycle.


This particular metric can tell you how long viewers are watching, nay, interacting with your video. By measuring the completion rate, you will learn how effective your video’s interactive elements are in keeping your audience engaged. It also gives you a more complete picture of how your video’s interactive elements are influencing conversions.


This metric tells you how many of your viewers interacted with your video out of everyone who has seen it. You need to measure this because, well, interactions are kind of the point, right? Besides, if your video is keeping them busy, that’s a sign they’re enjoying your interactive video content.


One big advantage of interactive content is it provides a convenient way to gather quantitative data from your viewers. By asking them questions within the video, you can get specific answers that shed light on what makes your audience tick.