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You Asked Any Questions About Our Company

How long has Diamond Studios Video Production been in business?

Diamond Studios has been in the industry for over 41 years, crafting exceptional video productions with experience and expertise.
We specialize in a wide range of videos, including corporate videos, TV commercials, digital videos, motion graphics, and 3D character animations.
Yes, we offer shooting services as part of our comprehensive video production solutions. Our team can handle various shooting requirements, from staged talent shoots to capturing dynamic scenes on location.
What truly differentiates us is our decades of experience, our dedicated team of skilled professionals, our commitment to transparent pricing, and our passion for delivering exceptional quality in every project we undertake.
Absolutely. Our team is equipped to handle a diverse range of projects, whether they’re small-scale or large-scale productions. We tailor our services to match your project’s unique needs and goals.
We maintain open communication with our clients at every process stage. We offer interactive client approval platforms, transparent pricing, and a collaborative approach to ensure your vision is realized while meeting or exceeding expectations.
While we have experience in various industries, we’ve produced a significant amount of work in the medical, legal, and flooring sectors. However, our expertise isn’t limited to these; we’re adaptable to various industries.
Absolutely. When you call Joe Miele, our Managing Partner, you’re not just getting a salesman – you’re speaking to an experienced producer/director who can answer your questions and provide rough estimates to help you get started quickly.
We have various options for shooting in different locations. We have an insert stage for staged talent-oriented scenes and can coordinate shooting in your city with our crew, even remotely directing if needed.
We offer advertising agencies a comprehensive one-stop solution for their video production needs. Our expertise, transparent pricing, and commitment to understanding their vision make us an ideal creative partner.
These frequently asked questions provide insights into the core aspects of Diamond Studios Video Production, addressing common queries about our services, experience, approach, and how we cater to diverse project requirements.