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Diamond Studios has the development experience you need to provide you with a custom software application. Whether it is an application to promote your business, to provide users with a unique service, or to simplify internal processes, IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, WE CAN BUILD IT. Our on-staff programmers and developers have extensive knowledge in back-end languages, front-end languages, and database management systems.

While every company uses software solutions, a new trend has emerged for companies that want to grow and scale their business activities. This trend is Customized Software Application Development. Why? Many companies find that while “off the shelf” software programs once served a purpose in their organization; they have outgrown that software’s limitations and need a customized program built specifically for their company. Each company can dictate exactly how the software will be used before it is even developed.

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Reasons for Customized Application Development

  • Perfectly fits your business’s requirements.
  • Allows more efficiency, which frees up your team to focus on new areas and ideas.
  • Provides better support with fully functional features.
  • Quicker and higher quality results.
  • Efficient data processing.
  • All processes that were previously manual can now be automated into one system, i.e. organizing your calendar.
  • Provide a strategic advantage over your competitors. Be the only company in your industry that has a customized application!

Benefits of Customized Application Development

Custom Applications work the way you want. A common problem with “off the shelf” software is that small-business owners are forced to change some of their business processes in order to fully utilize the system. Custom applications are specifically developed to accommodate your business requirements. Your input is taken into consideration in every aspect of development to make sure the final product will work the way you want and need. The final product will be customized software; equipped with all the necessary functions and reporting that your company can use. This will simplify the entire business process, save time and effort, and automate many manual reports and work-arounds of “off the shelf” software.

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Reporting is essential for all businesses. Instead of spending hours digging your way through Excel sheets and DOC files, your customized business solution can give you a summarized report from where you can retrieve all the necessary inputs and use them effectively to achieve your goals. For example, you can access all of your client information and get customized reports related to various functionalities, such as past purchase reports, client details, invoices, top-selling products, and much more.

Custom software development allows you to integrate various software solutions for numerous departments,  enabling you to manage multiple processes in one place saving time and money, with higher results and less mistakes.

Custom software is more scalable than “off the shelf” software. “Off the shelf” software may be inexpensive to purchase at the beginning, but as a business grows the software becomes unable to support the newer requirements of growth and often charges expensive yearly licensing fees to upsize the product in order to meet current needs. With customized software, you own the software—there will never be any licensing fees and the software can be developed to meet the specific needs of your company allowing your business to grow without limitations.

Warning Signs That Your “Off the Shelf” Software Application is No Longer Working

Employees avoid using it.

If an employee can do a task quicker manually or with an Excel spreadsheet than with the “off the shelf” software, you should look at a custom software program.

No one knows how to use it at the level of expertise required.

This could be a training problem or that too many steps are needed to execute the task using “off the shelf” software, needlessly complicating the process.

You can’t do what you want with your sales leads.

Many “off the shelf” customer relationship management software does not fully support the sales process, i.e. special pricing, customized workflows.

Business expansion is being stalled.

As a business grows, it becomes more complex. An “off the shelf” program may lack flexibility or scalability to handle the new complexity. Customized software can add additional functionalities and user groups that can grow incrementally over time as the company grows.

keyboard with a large red ERROR key

Manual workarounds are necessary.

Staff constantly complain about software negatives or use manual workarounds to complete routine tasks that custom software could fix.

Using different software programs to complete a task.

When you need more than one software solution running across different departments that rely on data from each other to complete customer orders or create management reports, inefficiencies and the possibility of errors develop. Customized software can integrate these systems into one creating less work and less of a possibility of user error.

Branding is a priority.

“Off the Shelf” systems may suffice initially, but if you have an application that connects with your customers, personalization may be pivotal to your success. A customized software application can differentiate you and give you a competitive advantage.

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