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Experienced, Affordable and Effective Marketing Plans from Style Advertising

Since 1970, Style Advertising has planned and executed highly responsive and efficient media campaigns in television, radio, and digital for all kinds of companies — and we have years of expertise in working with law firms of all sizes.

Here are some of our recommendations designed to help you make the most of marketing for your firm.

Target a Specific Niche

Yes, it may sound appealing that your law firm can handle a wide range of legal cases. Having diversity in your services surely gives you a competitive edge in the market. But, this advantage may not be your trump card for a long-lasting success.

It’s best to decide the core niche of your legal services and build your reputation around that niche. If you’re a seasoned law firm with years of experience in this industry, then you can easily specify your achievements in a specific niche to grab the attention of clients looking for assistance in that specific niche. If you have a compelling portfolio in personal injury cases, then you should highlight your expertise and achievements in that field.

A client planning to hire personal injury case attorneys would always prefer a law firm that specializes in this field. There is much more that you can add to this technique. Once you’ve identified your niche and planned to use it as your featured service, then you will need to align your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign with this chosen niche. For the personal injury niche, you can use SEO keywords that include these tags and spread them throughout your website content.

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings through Local SEO

Most potential clients these days prefer to hire services after conducting a thorough online search. There are countless law firm websites over the internet. How can you ensure that your local audience views your website while searching for the best law firms? Local SEO is the answer.

Optimizing your Google My Business account, improving internal link structure, optimizing website content, and giving attention to other such local SEO details can improve the SEO rankings of your website. These are the tactics the Google Certified team at Style Advertising will use to optimize your performance in search engines.

The most effective local SEO technique is the use of SEO keywords. Instead of using general keywords with a lot of competition, our SEO team will research and identify the SEO-friendly keywords that could rank you higher on Google

Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns

PPC ads (or Google Ads) can yield a remarkable ROI compared to other digital marketing strategies. While searching on Google for legal help, potential clients will see your ads on or near the top of Google search results. Our Google Certified team will help design a successful PPC campaign for your firm.

But, be prepared to pay the price. The competition among law firms for top ranking PPC positions is fierce and the highest bidders get the best Google rankings. Our PPC team can develop a strategic plan that will get you the results you seek without breaking your budget.

Build Your Firm Reputation through Client Testimonials

When reviewing law firms online, credibility is crucial. No client wants to entrust a law firm with his case if he is not certain about the credibility of that specific firm. This is where you can benefit from using testimonials from your past clients.

From individual clients to commercial firms, use personalized emails to acquire testimonials from your clients. If you have collaborated with some reputable firms or commercial businesses, then their testimonials can add to your firm’s reputation.

The strategy doesn’t end here. If you’re planning to upscale your advertising campaign, then video testimonials from your happy clients can be extremely beneficial for your firm. Share these testimonials on your website or social media pages to engage new prospects.

Leverage Email Marketing to Keep in Touch with Your Prospects

Don’t expect prospects to get in touch with you right after they visit your website or social media page. Competition is fierce and there’s an array of firms in the market offering the same services as yours. How can you grab the attention of these prospects and convince them to opt for your services? We recommend strategic email marketing.

Get in touch with your prospects instantly by sending them welcoming emails, discount offers, referrals, product descriptions, or anything else that appeals to potential clients.

Avoid using purchased lists of prospects. We highly recommended that you target the prospects that have already shown interest in your business. Acquiring your customers’ list organically will yield the best results with your email marketing.