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Graphical still from a financial explanation video showing payment flow and a smartphone


Longer format corporate videos have a variety of uses. Audiences are more sophisticated and have higher expectations when viewing video content  than ever before. More and more corporations are taking advantage of integrating video into new technologies now available to them. Diamond has been at the forefront of these technologies and has worked with companies to best utilize multimedia on every level.

Externally, corporate video can be used for sales, information and  instruction directed toward a client or customer. These can be delivered by a variety of means including website, kiosk, DVD, and social media.

Internally, employees can benefit from the many uses of corporate video. Internal communications videos, training videos, sales incentive programs, and employee orientation videos can be offered on a company’s Intranet or Internet sites. In addition, recruitment videos for prospective employees and web-based training, utilizing the power of video and interactivity of the web, show the versatility of having engaging, informative and entertaining corporate communications.