All CMS include basic content management of content via the backend, but each of these systems includes unique features that were fully customized.

Gameday Matchup App & Backend:

Sports App that features Pro and College Football/Basketball & Pro Hockey and Baseball. App includes schedules, live scores, alert reminders, invitations & comments strings.

Key Unique Features

  • Ability to create advertiser profiles that are fed to the app via a unique promo code, so when the code is entered upon app activation, the app automatically displays only the elected advertiser.
  • Receives live feed of all sports scores with score updates every 10sec. then feeds mobile app with these scores.

Pearl River App & Backend:

Casino App with compete details of everything to see and do on all their properties, a complete event calendar and an interactive slot machine game that is tied into prize winnings.

Key Unique Features:

  • We created a fully-interactive online slot machine game with adjustable odds for winning and prizes that are won based on overall app usage across all users that are tied into fully controllable percent winning of prizes.
  • Onsite redemption of awarded prizes.


Deal-of-the-Day site that features reward points.

Key Unique Features:

  • Full multi-city deal of the day site.
  • Ability to earn reward points for every purchase and earn points for friend referrals.
  • Ability to spend points on both deals and prizes.
  • Complete affiliate programming and tracking.

Hibbett Sports MVP Rewards Program:

Customer Rewards program tied into interactive website.

Key Unique Features:

  • Complete rewards program tied into company’s POS system to give and track points for all customer purchases.
  • Ability to give points for all marketing engagements: email views, referrals, video views, survey, polls, etc.

Team Manager:

Sports team game and practice tool to track family participation and game results.

Key Unique Features:

  • Sports teams have a fully-interactive game & practice schedule that they can login and see who is coming and notes left by all participants.
  • Has interactive reminder system.

SmartCard App & Backend:

Mobile app that emulates pre-paid credit card that offers the user discounts at area merchants.

Key Unique Features:

  • Users can search available merchants offering discounts, enter purchase and amount is deducted from their pre-loaded credits.
  • Merchants can set percent discounts, maximum spending amounts, etc.
  • Users show phone to staff and select to make transaction.
  • Phone GPS loads merchants available within 50 miles of phone.

Macular Health:

Complete accounting backend for a pharmaceutical company.

Key Unique Features:

  • All orders automatically generate a complete packing list that includes postal shipping, because of a tie-in with the post office.
  • Full accounting of customers and orders.
  • Doctor management system that creates doctor’s affiliate program.

Hibbett Health:

An online system that allows a user to connect a Pedometer and automatically download their usage into their account and graph their walking.

Key Unique Features:

  • System allows cross challenges between employees, stores, regions and entire company.
  • A reward system to reward best results and challenge winners.
  • Full management monitoring.

TV Rewards:

TV station online system to reward user for viewing advertiser videos, entering codes, taking polls and selecting advertiser banners from 3rd party sites.

Key Unique Features:

  • Users are forced to watch advertiser video ads, as video will stop if browser is lowered or tabs changed.
  • Points are awarded and monitored by user.
  • Fully-interactive gift selection, where gifts can be set by points won and gift certificates are automatically created.