Innovative Rewards Mobile App
Guaranteed to Drive Traffic


Diamond Studios is an advertising, marketing and technology company that has been actively involved with thousands of companies over the past 32 years assisting with their marketing and advertising needs. Traditional marketing like TV, radio, print, even digital, are no longer as effective as they were in years past. Email has been very effective in the past, but now people are so over run with emails, the effectiveness has become virtually non-existent. We conceptualized a new medium that capitalizes on what consumers are spending most of their time on, Mobile Apps, with the industry-first marketing mobile app, App Incentive Marketing, “AIM”.

Our innovative mobile app capitalizes on users winning prizes that guarantees to drive traffic, while capturing valuable customer data with our patent-pending methodology. Users visited AIM an average of 9x per month and stayed on the app for an average of 29:15min each time. You may get these results on games and social apps, but these results are virtually unheard of for mobile apps that market individual companies.


We also developed a social engagement tool that is like no other, one that gets your users engaged and post to their Facebook on a company’s behalf. We do this in an innovative way that has never been accomplished, so now your company can utilize the most powerful form of marketing “word-of-mouth”

It’s simple and easy to get started! Each company gets a customized mobile app found on the iPhone and Android market that is another form of advertising media. A mobile app that can actually guarantee to drive new customers through the doors!

AIM will be offered with industry and DMA exclusivity, so don’t let your competitor be the first with this new marketing innovation.


Features List

  • Oversized ads are rotated every 10 seconds for brand messaging.
  • Interactive match game where user wins quickly. Average playing time 29:15 minutes.
  • User must register name, email, birth date, gender and zip code to see prize.
  • Bonus round teases other possible prizes, thus keeping use’s interest.
  • User must come into a company to redeem prize.
  • User can refer friends directly from their contact list.
  • Push Notifications notify users off specials, offers and deals.
  • Monthly emails to users listing their prizes keeps app top of mind.
  • User selects “Daily Bonus” once each day to earn an entry into the contest.
  • Facebook/Twitter has users posting on their feed/wall for entries into contest.
  • App found on both market places under company name.
  • Fully-branded and customized specifically for the company.
  • Includes all company info with web links and phone numbers
  • Full content management system gives company full control of everything on the app.
  • All the collected user data is company’s to keep.