Time to Get MAD!


What’s MAD?

It’s Diamond’s Marketing and Advertising Division (MAD). It offers clients a creative alternative to deliver their message to their audience at a reasonable cost. And, just like Diamond, MAD acts as a part of the client team rather than just a part of the client’s expense column.

MAD works as a consultancy for Diamond clients who can benefit from the services of a marketing and advertising agency, but MAD uses a completely different operational approach.

Basically, MAD doesn’t depend on increasing client expenditures to increase its income. Rather, it works on a single fee basis, either as a monthly retainer or a one-time charge, depending on the relationship need. And the items that generate the bulk of the income for the standard advertising and marketing agency—vendor mark-ups, media agency commissions, etc.—are passed on to the client.

In short, MAD:

  • Performs the services of a marketing and advertising agency.
  • Can function as a compliment to the client’s internal marketing operation.
  • Offers effective marketing and promotional planning, quality creative, advertising and media placement, all targeted to the client's audience and within the client's budget.
  • Provides conception and execution of multi-media campaigns with seamless continuity among all elements to exponentially increase reach and impact.
  • Negotiates effective buys and contracts for media schedules, printing, etc., and ensures the client pays only the net amount of all resulting invoices, passing all agency commissions and mark-ups on the client.

MAD services include:

  • Planning
    Includes research, analysis, proposal development

    • Strategic Marketing
    • Campaign Development
    • Budgeting
  • Advertising
    Includes creative, production management, media management

    • Broadcast
    • Television
    • Radio
    • Print
    • Newspaper
    • Magazine
    • Outdoor
    • Media Buying (negotiating, scheduling. traffic management)
    • Scripting
  • Printing/Collateral Materials
    Includes creative, design/layout, copy writing/editing, production management

    • Brochures
    • Presentation Materials
    • POP (posters, etc.)
    • Annual Reports
    • Imprinted Promotional Items
  • Internet and Digital
    Includes concept/creative, design/layout, production management

    • Web Site Development and Enhancement
    • Web Site Products
    • Digital/E-Marketing Programs and Campaigns
    • Social Media
  • Marketing Management
    Includes all elements of marketing, advertising, budgeting, reporting

    • Off-site Program Management
    • On-site Program Delivery
    • Training
    • Updating
    • Gap Management